Rough grain (arato) There are various types of kitchen knives, such as Japanese kitchen knives, western-style kitchen knives, and Chinese-style kitchen knives. Please select the right product according to the intended use.


Rough Grain

Rough grain (arato)

No. Size Tax-included price
11 55×210×30mm 1,400 yen
12 68×205×34mm 2,300 yen
13 75×205×50mm 3,300 yen

※Note: Listed sizes are the knife blade sizes.
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If there are no nicks in the blade, medium grain sharpening suffices. After 3 to 5 passes on the medium grain stone, finish by passing on a rough grain stone to lower the overall thickness if needed. However, be careful as overgrinding will cause the tip to lose its shape and the blade to become overly thin.